Optimal health – this is really not as difficult as it seems!

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That phrase strikes fear and loathing in many! Pillar number 8: A clean environment and a complete hygiene. The need for these tiny organism, as measured milligramami, but they are very important for the body! Or dance alone at home or the whole family! Maybe someone does come in handy, which I’ll be very happy! Note that many stars as one of the secrets of beauty and allocate adequate sleep Pillar number 7: Good medical care. Pillar number 5: A positive attitude and a system of personal values. And an annual chest x-rays! Pillar number 1: Reduce your risk factors for chronic diseases. But the food must be balanced – so is the way man! And then they also come to me at the reception as a neurologist and ask – why our babies something wrong – restless sleep, poor weight gain, stunting!

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